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Sidnei Carriuolo Antônio

Sidnei Carriuolo Antônio

Sidnei has been president of Águia de Ouro since 1981, having dedicated almost a lifetime to Samba and Carnival in São Paulo.

An unconditional enthusiast of the Golden Eagle and the City Carnival.

Among other activities in favor of the São Paulo Carnival, Sidnei is Vice-President of the São Paulo Schools League.


Harmonia da Águia e Ouro

A very relevant sector

Harmony is a very important issue in Carnival parades.

It is the way in which the members of the school parade, considering whether or not they are in tune with the rhythm and singing of the plot samba.

The totality of the voice sung by the school during the presentation is also an element considered for the evaluation of harmony, that is, the group needs to sing in a single voice.

The rehearsals of this question at Águia de Ouro are aimed at ensuring that no one sings out of time with the drums.


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The presentation of the parade

The front commission is a question presented by the samba schools, where they present themselves welcoming the public as well as the judges.

It is formed by ten to fifteen people, who demonstrate the plot of the school.

The costumes are rich, according to the school's plot, the members rehearse choreographies related to the story presented.

The Front Commission of Águia de Ouro is composed of dancers, who start the parade with the highest quality, under the command of the Choreographer Roberto Mafra.



João Carlos and Lyssandra Grooters

The couple of Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira are wearing costumes that represent the nobility of the 18th century, but with the beauty of magnificent ornaments.

During the samba school parades, the couple makes a special presentation for the judges, dancing gently to the rhythm of the samba, performing the mandatory steps, such as wiggles, turns, half-turns, bows and turns. The couple is also evaluated for the harmony between them, the integration of the steps, the protection and courtesy that the man gives to his lady and to the flag of the School they represent.

In the Golden Eagle, the couple João Carlos Camargo and Lyssandra Grooters imprint on their presentation a unique beauty that enchants anyone.


Bataria Batucada da Pompéia

The Heartbeat of School

Through the Drums, the cadence and rhythm of the samba are marked, to infect the dancers, revelers and members, so that they make a beautiful presentation.

When they enter the avenue, the pulse of the first class deaf, second class deaf and third class deaf people; tambourine, dish, repinique, rattle, war box, cuíca, agogô, reco-reco, tambourine and triangle, move everyone who watches the show, bringing animation and making sure that no one can stand still.

During the parade, the Battery of the Golden Eagle pulls and animates the members of the school, making all the components present a beautiful evolution, following its intense rhythm, as Master Juca Guerra knows how to do in an exemplary way.



The person responsible for the visual design of the parade

During the days of the parade, much is said about the figure of Carnival, but not everyone understands the tasks that involve this profession. Responsible for everything the school presents, he assembles all the visuals for the parade, including concepts such as colors and harmony.

From the costumes of the members, through the front commission or the couples of mestre-sala and porta-bandeira, to the great highlights on the tops of the floats, all elements of the samba school have to go through the hands of our carnival artist Sydney France.

Today, the parade has enormous logistics and the public that appears on the avenue does not expect anything less than a great show.


Douglinhas Aguiar

The voice of the Samba Handler

Animate the members of the samba school and the public, transmit through his voice the history and love he has for his association.

To be an interpreter is to be an expert, who must, in addition to the natural talent of having a good voice, master the rhythm and tonality suitable for samba. The task is not easy.

And that's why after many years of use and with the evolution and specialization of Carnival, the term samba puller (as the older ones called it) is being left behind.

The interpreters of the Golden Eagle,Douglas Aguiar, Serginho do Porto and Chitão Martins, prints a unique feeling that excites not only the school's components, but also the entire public on the avenue.


Velha guarda da Águia

The Guardians of the School's Identity

The old guard is of fundamental importance for Águia de Ouro and for the preservation of samba culture. Its members have the mission of transmitting the history of the groups to the new generation, keeping alive the traditions of Brazilian Carnival.
In general, the old guard participates in the parades in a wing that closes the procession.

Each school has its criteria for accepting members into the group. At Águia de Ouro, the basic requirements take into account the years of service provided to the association. Thus, founders and members who stood out are always invited to the parade in a position of honor, wearing evening clothes.

School Fact Sheet



May 9, 1976

Nené de Vila Mathilde

Blue and white

Eagle carrying a deaf on its paws

Pompeii Village

Sidnei Carriuolo Antonio

Sydney França

Alan Camilo and Leonardo Antonio

Douglas Aguiar, Darlan Alves and Tinga

Master Juca

Vanessa Alves

João Camargo and Lyssandra Grooters

Roberto Mafra

Jacque Meira

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