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The story of Águia de Ouro

A Águia de Ouro na Avenida em 1977
A Águia de Ouro na Avenida em 1977

1976 ... The beginning of everything

1976… more precisely 09/05/1976 it all started, in the heart of Pompéia neighborhood, in Vila Anglo Brasileira the Samba school Águia de Ouro was born.

But, to tell the story of our Águia de Ouro we need to go back in time and remember that it all started with the legendary Varzean team Faísca de Ouro Football Club. The weekends at Vila Anglo, in Pompéia neighborhood, were always party and lots of drumming, after each victory the celebration took place in the form of samba and joy.

Carro Abre Alas desfile de 1977

Origin of the name

Over the years, it seemed that just one football team would be too little to represent an entire community.

Members of Faísca de Ouro, who until then skipped the carnival in the city of Tietê in the interior of São Paulo, parading through carnival blocks in the region, began to organize themselves to give rise to a Samba school in São Paulo, they were: Gilson Carriuolo Antonio , Valdemar (Maíco) and José Luiz (Bolão). Thus the GRES Águia de Ouro was born.

Na Avenida em 1977

The first Carnival

The first rehearsal took place on a sunny Sunday at Rua Girassol (V. Madalena) - famous at the time for being a closed street for recreation and popular activities. However, in the first rehearsal, most of those who lived there were in V. Pompéia and soon the idea for a next rehearsal to be held in the heart of Vila Anglo, in the square Dr. Vicente Tramonte Garcia, the famous “Parquinho”.

In 1977 the school made its debut at the São Paulo carnival with the plot: “A Bahia de Jorge Amado” and, in the first year, it would win the Vice-Championship, which gave us access to the 4th group.

A Águia na Avenida

Striking years of 1982 and 1984

In 1982, a fact would mark the history of the school: one of the main members, Sidnei Carriuolo Antonio was named the new President of the Association, a role he still holds today.

In 1984 the elite of the São Paulo Carnival welcomed our dear Eagle for the first time and with the plot “A thousand lives, the theater through the ages”, the school held what for many was one of the most remarkable carnivals in our history.

Cynthia Santos Rainha da Bateria
Ala das Baianas

Our first court

With the new court, new challenges appeared. The space was welcoming for many, many years, yet a serious problem haunted the preparations for the carnivals year after year. The summer rains and constant floods made what was already difficult to become a struggle for only those who had much love for the association would face.

We speak of Vinícius de Moraes, Sargentelli, and we do not forget our beloved São Paulo.

We arrived then in the 2000s, when the school established itself among the São Paulo carnival elite among the big ones and now the challenge was even greater.

Mestre Sala e Porta Bandeira

The New Nest

In the year 2010, a fact would mark our history, the space under the Pompéia viaduct, which was our home for almost 15 years, was requested by the city government so that improvement works in the neighborhood could be done, but as everyone knows, there are evils that comes for good: a new space has been conquered by the school board. The new nest was born, one of the largest and best structured headquarters of the Samba School in São Paulo, welcoming our components in rehearsals, parties and coupled to our shed where we produce floats, costumes and we still have ample parking to fill us with pride such structure.

Let's go samba…


The year of glory

The culmination of a work with more than 40 years comes the year 2020, the year in which, under the command of the carnival maker Sidnei França, the Águia de Ouro Samba School reaches the desired title of Champion of the Special Group of the São Paulo Carnival.

Having taken to the Avenue the plot "The power of knowledge. If knowledge is power ... whoever makes the time, does not expect to happen", the GRSC Escola de Samba Águia de Ouro captivated the audience, pleased the jurors and took it home the maximum trophy of the São Paulo Carnival.

We are a family owned and operated business.

O primeiro Carnaval da Águia

Do you have photos, videos or other illustrative elements of the history of Águia de Ouro and the Carnival of São Paulo?

Sharing with us, you will also be sharing with thousands of lovers of Samba, the Carnival of São Paulo and our School.

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