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ÁGUIA DE OURO SAMBA SHOW is the best option to bring the contagious rhythm of Samba to your corporate events, birthday parties, debutantes, weddings and all kinds of celebrations.

A Show formed by members of one of the most traditional Samba Schools in São Paulo, ÁGUIA DE OURO SAMBA SHOW brightens up your party in a very special way, with contagious rhythms, dancers, drums, performers and the essential couple Master Room and Flag Carries.

There are several show options from the simplest to the most complete, bringing to your event a mini parade of Samba School Águia de Ouro.

Aguia de Ouro Samba Sho
Samba Show | Passistas


Beautiful women and men who dance to the rhythm of authentic Brazilian samba, making ÁGUIA DE OURO SAMBA SHOW the most complete option to please all audiences.

Samba Show | Interpretes


ÁGUIA DE OURO SAMBA SHOW counts as the best musicians among all the samba schools in São Paulo.

Musicians who play chips, guitar and singers that make our SAMBA SHOW an unforgettable complement to your event.

Samba Show | Ritmistas


The musicians who make the rhythm of ÁGUIA DE OURO SAMBA SHOW, playing instruments such as: box, repinique, deaf, tambourine, rattle, cuíca and agogô, our show brings together the best rhythm artists from São Paulo at their event.

Samba Show | Mestre Sala e Porta Bandeira



To further enhance your event, ÁGUIA DE OURO SAMBA SHOW has the best couples of Mestre-Sala and Porta Bandeira, with the presence of our beloved pavilion.

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to make your event unforgettable.

Bateria | Batucada daPompéia

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Book the Águia de Ouro Women's Battery Show for your party or event

The Female Drum of Águia de Ouro began to be conceived in the early 90's, thus being the first female drum to be installed in a samba school.

In its two decades of existence, the Women's Battery has performed at various school events, at other sister samba schools and at various corporate and social events.

School Fact Sheet


The story of Águia de Ouro

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